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This issue of "Progress in Medicine”, published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rev. Jerzy Popiełuszko Bielański Hospital in Warsaw, includes original papers, case reports and reviews. The case reports and series of cases – the third ever published case of carcinoma cuniculatum of the larynx (Bardadin J et al.), a case of ureteral stone illustrating the modern technical methods available for treating the complicated urolithiasis (Kryst P, Trykozko U), the outcomes of 12 cases of Meckel's diverticulum treated by surgery (Gradek J, Michalak J), the 3 cases of giving birth to healthy newborns by three women treated with haemodialysis for chronic renal failure (Gellert R et al.), the 3 cases of long-lasting uncomplicated femoral access for heamodialysis using new S-shaped tunneled catheter (Gellert R et al.), and the 8 cases of Tako-Tsubo syndrome (Jarząbek K et al.), all clearly show the diversity of problems in patients seen by doctors at Bielański Hospital.
The original papers within this issue also illustrate the wide spectrum of research performed by the Bielański Hospital teams. Aside from the paper evaluating epidemiology of glomerulopathies in Bielański Hospital in-patients (Czystowski M et al.), they focus on two groups of patients – patients with atherosclerosis complications, and patients at the gynecology ward. The researchers from the Bielański Hospital document, analysing a large cohort of patients presenting with aortic aneurysm and severe cardiac risk, that placement of aortic stent brings to such patients only a minimal additional risk (Staszkiewicz W et al.). The same group proved that surgical treatment of carotid artery stenosis is a safe method to prevent stroke, as shown by outcome analysis of 1000 procedures performed at Bielański Hospital (Staszkiewicz W et al.). The cardiology group, in turn, proved that in patients with post-infarction recurrent ventricular arrhythmias the implanted cardioverter-defibrillator is 100% efficient in recognising and terminating such events (Saniewski T et al.). They also were able to show, that invasive cardiologic treatment performed in patients admitted with cardiac infarction complicated with pre-hospital cardiac arrest, tends to improve the in-hospital survival (Kozłowska M et al.). The same team retrospectively identified, on coronarography, a significant percentage of coronary artery occlusion among patients presenting with acute coronary events and no ST elevation. Based on results of this analysis the authors stipulate the current recommendations are re-evaluated and changed. (Majecki L, Dąbrowski M).
The second group of original papers we publish, focused on women health, brings the results of a multicenter DOROTA study, showing the drotaverine is as effective as ibuprofen, but slightly less quick, in treating dysmenorrea symptoms (Dębski R et al.), proves the combination of low-caloric diet and sirbutramine is beneficial to the hormonal and metabolic profiles in obese women with polycystic ovary syndrome (Kozakowski J, Zgliczyński W), and shows, that in women from alcoholic families the frequency of traumatic events is correlated with co-dependency and significantly more frequent as compared to general population (Załuska M et al.).
Of notice, from the practical point of view, are also the interesting results of Bielański Hospital endocrinology research team, who document the importance of plasma testosterone concentration in physiology of erection and in pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction (Rabijewski M et al.).
The original papers section includes also an extremely interesting paper of great educational value, published by colorectal surgeons, who present their experience with diagnosing and treating diversion colitis in patients with colostomy (Szczepkowski M, Kobus A). The content of the issue is completed with a review paper on headaches in neuroendocrine disorders (Zduńska A et al.).
We hope the content of this issue clearly illustrates the variety of medical problems of interest to the Bielański Hospital doctors.
Prof. dr hab. med. Wojciech Zgliczyński
Prof. dr hab. med. Ryszard Gellert
Postępy Nauk Medycznych 8/2010
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