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prof. Teresa Jackowska, MD, PhD
Dear Readers,
We have the pleasure to introduce a next issue of our journal, this time concentrating on paediatric issues. The studies concern a broad spectrum of topics, from a variety of areas within paediatrics. The reasons and disorders which are the cause of admitting children to paediatric departments are of various types; hence the knowledge and experience of doctors working there must be extensive.
Dear Reader, in this issue you will find five original studies, four case report and four review papers.
The article Załęska-Ponganis et al. “Urinary tract infections in children – selected aspects of management based on current guidelines” you will find that in children the urinary tract infections treatment is starting with empirical giving the antibiotic or the chemotherapeutic agent. Choice of the medicine should be in accordance with local, systematically updated microbiological analyses and verified after recognizing the aetiological factor and him medical sensitivity and based on the clinical reaction of the child to the treatment.
The article Jackowska et al. “Guidelines for immune thrombocytopenia as outlined by The American Society
of Hematology (2011)” features comprehensive guidelines concerning the procedures for ITP that have become a standard in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.
The problem of child abuse and threats arising from there are often underestimated by healthcare workers, who in many cases may be the first and often the only person who was informed about domestic violence. The algorithm for dealing with suspected domestic violence facilitating the use of effective intervention by defining the next steps of the proceedings. The article Hartmann and Jackowska “The algorithm for dealing with suspected domestic violence against children – practical recommendations” examples of practical using the algorithm of acting based on two hypothetical situations were presented.
The authors “Analysis of hospitalizations of children in the Hospital Department in 2014 – own observations” (Hartmann et al.), based on our observations shown that with or without a referral to the hospital, fewer than half of the patients required hospitalization (40.4 and 27.2% patients, respectively). The paper “Patient satisfaction and the effectiveness of medical advice at the Hospital Emergency Department – own observations” (Jackowska and Czajkowska), based on surveys shows, that the quality and efficiency of the medical assistance at the ED was assessed as very high.
In the journal are also other articles. Therefore, I highly recommend the publications prepared by us in for the present issue and welcome you to read them and use the knowledge in practice successfully, which is always the greatest achievement for a doctor.
prof. Teresa Jackowska, MD, PhD
Postępy Nauk Medycznych 6/2016
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