New Medicine 3/2014

Spis treści / Contents

Original papers
Case report
Giant simple non-parasitic hepatic cyst – case report and review of literature
Konrad Wroński, , Maciej Biernacki, , Andrzej Lachowski – s. 83-85
Review papers
Regional studies on health science
Original papers
The effects of previous spontaneous abortion on the mental problems of current pregnancy
Júlia Talaber, Mátyásne Bachorecz, Zsófia Szemes, Ildikó Baji – s. 98-102
Exercise dependence among Hungarian Fitness Center users – preliminary results
Zsuzsa Menczel, Eszter Kovács, Andrea Eisinger, Anna Magi, István Vingender, Zsolt Demetrovics – s. 103-108