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Teresa Jackowska

Dear Readers,
we give you the present issue of the Journal, which is not only devoted to paediatrics. The issue contains 10 articles, including three original papers, four review papers and three case reports. All the papers are interesting and they are a beneficial contribution to our daily medical practice.
The review papers concern the most important food for babies, namely mother’s milk. Human milk constitutes an optimal source of nutrients and active substances for new-borns. For many years human milk has been concerned and analysed mainly in terms of its nutritional value. The presence of cells other than immune in the mother’s milk, such as progenitor and stem cells, as well as of symbiotic bacteria opens our knowledge to a completely new meaning of breast feeding. The article related to the cellular components of human milk summarizes the current state of knowledge related to this topic.
The article referring to human milk as a source of stem cells in turn discusses the future application of this milk for purposes of regenerative medicine, on the basis of the Authors’ own, for this moment-laboratory, experience.
The article devoted to the procedure in situations of using physical violence in child abuse discusses the scheme of procedure in a case of the suspicion of child abuse committed using violence from the side of family members and provides information about the actions taken after discovering or suspecting child abuse occurring in a family. The paper discusses the principles of initiating and conducting the “Blue Card” procedure.

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